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Design / Interior Decoration

We will help you give your store or office a unique design and style that will help you stand out above the rest. Leave it to our experienced staff.

Exterior Construction / Interior Construction / Renovation

Our expert veteran workers, with their experience and know-how, help with renovation and interior construction to give your customers that comfortable space they are looking for.

Shop / Office Contract, Construction, and Handover Timeline

  1. 1.Property Selection

    Estimated Timing: 6 months to 1 year in advance

    When selecting properties, it’s necessary to clarify the project goals and consider location and facility conditions. If it’s a shop, we can help with selecting where you’re targeting, what you’re selling, what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. On the other hand, if it’s an office, we can help with finding a comfortable workplace and a secure building etc. After hearing exactly what you are looking for, we will recommend properties that are most suitable for your company.

  2. 2. Property Viewing / Application / Contract Signing

    Estimated Timing: 6 months to 3 months in advance

    After selecting from properties that meet your requirement, we will do a property viewing with you. Our staff will go with you, answering and explaining any questions or concerns you may have. We will also check the type of building your site is in, the surround environment, the pedestrian traffic etc. When you find the perfect site, we will work with you until contract signing and making sure all the necessary financials are in place.

  3. 3. Interior Planning / Design / Layout / Renovation

    Estimated Timing: 3 months to 1 month in advance
  4. 3.1. Planning

    With a complete understanding of your vision, concept, budget, opening, and all other details, we will help with the creation of your shop / office. After planning, we will create a hand drawn perspective and a CG perspective. Design and layout are important processes that greatly influence the image of a store /office. We will ensure that you as the customer are completely satisfied with the design and layout.

  5. 3.2. Construction / Government Application

    We will prepare the final construction plan and follow through on a schedule. For construction, our designer will be on-site and managing the entire process. You, the client, can also visit the site at any time throughout the process. Our staff will offer guidance and explain the what is happening on-site following the blueprints as well as submit all governmental and related document and drawing applications on your behalf, as based on prior consultation.

  6. 3.3. Handover

    Before the handover, we will do a final cleaning, internal inspection and make sure all the details are in place. Afterwards, we will do a walkthrough with you to make sure that it is up to your standard.

  7. 4. Moving / Business Operation Start

    To ensure that you smoothly transition in to your shop or office, we will help with the moving schedule. Additionally, we can introduce a moving company to help you with all of your needs.

Estimated Construction Costs

It is said that of the start-up funds, property acquisition and interior construction account for over 50%. However, even if you ask a contractor with expertise in interior construction, it is often unclear whether it is expensive or cheap. Please see below for a reference on the potential costs of interior construction and use that as a basis for the actual estimate.

Makeshift Construction JPY600,000
Plasterer Concrete Construction JPY900,000
Light Gauge Steel Framing and Boarding Construction JPY1,250,000
Woodwork Carpentry JPY1,200,000
Metal Work JPY1,100,000
Fitting Construction JPY420,000
Tiling JPY270,000
Painting Work JPY460,000
Surface Finishing Work JPY780,000
Furniture and Fixture Work JPY1,450,000
Furniture Construction JPY780,000
Ad and Sign Display Work JPY1,200,000
Electric System Installation JPY1,980,000
Air Conditioning System Installation JPY1,980,000
Air Supply and Exhaust System Installation JPY1,500,000
Plumbing System Installation JPY1,370,000
Gas System Installation JPY700,000
Ventilation Hood System Installation JPY450,000
Construction Site Admin Fee (Insurance Fee, Project Management Fee, Vehicle Cost, Shipping Cost) JPY1,600,000
Tax JPY1,599,200
Total JPY21,589,200
Makeshift Construction JPY470,000
Dismantling JPY180,000
Plasterer Concrete Construction JPY450,000
Tiling JPY360,000
Light Gauge Steel Framing and Boarding Construction JPY240,000
Woodwork Carpentry JPY800,000
Furniture and Fixture Work JPY1,450,000
Painting Work JPY200,000
Fitting Construction JPY180,000
Painting Work JPY350,000
Surface Finishing Work JPY250,000
Ad and Sign Display Work JPY320,000
Metal Work JPY400,000
Glass・Mirror・Sash Installation JPY320,000
Plumbing System Installation JPY400,000
Air Conditioning System Installation JPY750,000
Electric System Installation JPY530,000
Fire Protection Installation JPY250,000
External Construction JPY700,000
Construction Site Admin Fee (Insurance Fee, Project Management Fee, Vehicle Cost, Shipping Cost) JPY500,000
Tax JPY670,400
Total JPY9,050,400


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