Strictly selected property for nail salon in the Shinjuku area.

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The customer was a nail artist who was looking for a room that can be suitable for launching a new private nail salon around the Shinjuku area.

Among a various conditions, the Shinjuku area was one of the most essential conditions to continue providing service for her existing customers since the old salon was also located in the area where most of the customers are convenient to access to.

 Among all the different types of properties we introduced, she liked the one which was highly convenient and makes it easy for her customers to announce.

 We have started searching and narrowing down some potentially good properties mainly around West Shinjuku to the Shinjuku Sanchome area that can all meet the conditions and requirements in terms of budget, built year, floor plan, and the distance from the station, etc by the customer and introduced them to her. In addition, she seemed to pay special attention to the specifications of the entrance hall to let her customers enter the building smoothly and safely.

The property is not problematic at all and she also liked the white collar based interior as well as its cleanliness and the type of the bathroom.

For WANSIE DECOR, we are particularly advantageous in introducing real estate properties for office or salon relocation. We fully provide support and services until our customers can ideal properties that would meet their even precise requests and conditions.