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We created an original homepage, we designed and produced original uniforms, and arranged office space as realtor for our client, Rise is based in Koenji.


By having us conduct not only production, but also all the creative works such as WEB operation and web advertising which takes time and effort, our client can drastically improve the efficiency by focusing on their business.

When the Representative of K.K. Rise heard from their staff that the uniform they provided was not cool and that they were tired of carrying an image of a dirty and smelly construction worker, he began considering changing their uniform to something that would not only gives a sense of high trend and a touch of cleanliness, but something that also would change the image of the whole industry and not only his own company. He then requested WANSIE UNIFORM to produce uniforms that would meet his expectations.


First of all, their previous uniforms had not only a lack of design, but also problems of them becoming easily ripped at the hem and difficulty to move around among other problems. Therefore, we applied adjustment tabs to the hem so that fabric can be narrowed in order not to effect the work.

The corporate logo was redesigned and replaced with a new one. The embroidery of the logo was placed on the left chest area of the long t-shirt, making it original. The fabric with distinguishing colors was selected for both pants and long t-shirt, made them look unified. Also, the color was featured for pockets, back, and belt. We also integrated design into functionality based on the client’s requests. We received a high level of satisfaction from them saying that the uniform could successfully improved the employee motivations and reduce employee turnover. Currently, we are designing for the next inquiry to make something totally new and introduce it to the industry. It is going to be all-season wearable coat for the staff working construction sites.


<Provided Item(s)> Long T-Shirst (2 colors), Work Pants

Providing interior and exterior construction services for building and parking, 
etc. around Tokyo as well as managing real estate and some other businesses.