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Office Launch Timeline

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Estimated Timing: 1 year in advance

  1. 1.In-Depth Consultation

    We will discuss what type of shop/office you’re looking to create, working together from the ground up. Our consultation will help us to identify your goals and targets, helping us to concretely develop the best proposal for you.

  2. 2.Financial Planning

    Financial preparation. With the financial situation in mind, we will gather information on borrowers, leases, and other pertinent information. A dedicated staff will help you and all clients wondering where to start on financial preparation.

  3. 3. Business Plan Development

    For clients interested in opening a store, developing business plans is the first step in that process. We will assist in planning not only the concept of the store but also sales plans and revenue forecasts as the foundations for your operation.

  4. 4. Site Business-Area Analysis

    We will carry out an analysis to ensure that the chosen site is accurate to the shop / office location.

Estimated Timing: 6 months to 3 months in advance

  1. 5.Soft Schedule Development

    From start to finish, there are a number of steps. We will initially create a soft schedule, and then once we concretely identify what must be done, we will make a hard schedule.

  2. 6.Site Search

    After selecting from properties that meet your requirement, we will do a property viewing with you. Our staff will go with you, answering and explaining any questions or concerns you may have. We will also check the type of building your site is in, the surround environment, the pedestrian traffic etc. When you find the perfect site, we will work with you until contract signing and making sure all the necessary financials are in place.

  3. 7.Loan Application

    When the site has been selected, the next step is to apply for a loan if needed. We will follow you through all the important steps of the loan process until the end of the contract signing.


  1. 8.Interior Planning

    With a complete understanding of your vision, concept, budget, opening, and all other details, we will help with the creation of your shop / office. After planning, we will create a hand drawn perspective and a CG perspective. Design and layout are important processes that greatly influence the image of a store /office. We will ensure that you as the customer are completely satisfied with the design and layout.

  2. 9.Construction / Governmental Application

    We will prepare the final construction plan and follow through on a schedule. For construction, our designer will be on-site and managing the entire process. You, the client, can also visit the site at any time throughout the process. Our staff will offer guidance and explain the what is happening on-site following the blueprints as well as submit all governmental and related document and drawing applications on your behalf, as based on prior consultation.

  3. 10.Website Production Consultation & Start

    2 months prior to launch, we will discuss the website production. Already keeping in mind the concept, we will create an optimized website that works for you. When the design has been finalized, we will begin putting it together.

  4. 11.Uniform Production Consultation and Start

    We will discuss Uniform Production and Design 2 months prior to launch. We will propose unique designs based on your concept, your company and PR strategies. When the design is finalized, we will produce a sample.

Estimated Timing: 1 month to start of business

  1. 12.Site Handover

    Before the handover, we will do a final cleaning, internal inspection and make sure all the details are in place. Afterwards, we will do a walkthrough with you to make sure that it is up to your standard.

  2. 13.Website Launch / Delivery

    We will upload the site to the server and go live. We will have you inspect and walkthrough of the website after it has gone live for handing it over.

  3. 14.Uniform Production / Delivery

    We will provide a sample for your inspection and confirm any adjustments that need to made. Actual production will take place 1 month in advance, ensuring that post-inspection all goods are delivered by the start of your business.

  4. 15.Other Promotional Material Production

    We will produce sales promotion material necessary for sales activities such as flyers, business cards, packaging to be used as advertising.

After-Service Support

  1. 16.Site After-Service Support

    Even after the handover, we prove well-rounded after-service support with regards to maintenance and cleaning etc.

  2. 17.Website After-Service Support

    After the handover and in addition to our basic support, we offer a paid detailed analytics support for site usage and views. This is perfect for anyone who finds themselves saying “I’m too busy to update the site.”, “I need to edit one of my pages.” Or “I want to understand my site traffic.”

  3. 18.Uniform After-Service Support

    We provide support for additional orders, color changes, damages and repairs etc.