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Changing the Image of Nursing Care to Bright and Pleasant.

In the recent trend of a declining birthrate and growing proportion of elderly people, Japan has been facing population overgrowth of elderly people in many areas. At the same time, as more and more new nursing care facilities are opening up, now they are forced to consider differentiating their concept from their competitors. When it comes to nursing care facilities and nursing care work, job applicants have an impression that it is “hard work” and many of facilities are struggling to recruit enough people.

ASHITAMO EGAO’s goal is to change the negative image of nursing care workers and to offer a bright and stylish image to their employees. Upon such request from them, we decided to offer a design that would be able to make the prospective users and their families as well as young generation who are seeking to study for the qualification to become care workers have better image.

Formal Design

For the design, we introduced a tack on the chest area to create a sense of family to change the image of the old nursing care uniform, giving it a certain ease when moving around. Also, we arranged and made it easy to take off and put on by making a hole not only on the shoulder but also on the underarm. For fabric, we used something that was light, superior in quick-drying and strong in durability also color fade protection and deterioration due to sweat and long-time use.


For color, we decided to provide four variations both for men and women by selecting navy for men and beige for women.

By giving a high design feature to the uniform, sticking to the fabric material and color, we were could improve the recruitment image for ASHITAMO EGAO.




We renewed the website for a company providing the service of visiting nursing and rehabilitation.http://asitaegaokango.com/After hearing their requests, we carried out the reviewing process for the contents and the structure of the website. We then decided to renew the design of the whole website as well as logo in order to make it easier to understand, such as initiatives at the company and features of the facility at the start of production.We designed the site and made it easy for site visitors to understand the company’s business and features.Also, to make its smartphone site compatible, we paid careful attention to positioning the scroll button and successfully increased the usability by customizing details.

We made awareness raising usability with small customizations.

We worked closely with the staff who is in charge of updating to come up with the best solution. Then, we decided to install WordPress in order to improve the content’s updateability and increase the number of visitors to the site.






Simbiosis Corporation operates a number of nursing care facilities 
including ASHITAMO EGAO, mainly in the Katsushika area in Tokyo. 
Since the opening of "ASHITAMO EGAO" in 2009, 
the company has been providing nursing care services mainly in the 
form of home-visit and supporting the elderly in the area.