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Upon a request from a foreign-affiliated consulting company, People Focus Consulting, we designed and created HTML email magazine (newsletter) for them to distribute to their customers.
Their email magazine has been very simple and based on only text style email, which is called Decomail, but this time they decided to change their style of the email magazine to more advanced style of HTML email magazine.
Since this is their first time using HTML style, we also offered them some proposal and consultation on the basic flow from the configuration to the measurement of effectiveness, importance of identifying the rate of checking email magazine of receivers as well as how to lead readers to the content and so on. 
Although the schedule from their inquiry to the delivery period was very tight, we managed to complete the design and all the processes within their desired period thanking to the cooperation of the person in charge as well as our quick and flexible operating schedule including holidays. 
In addition, as our support for them in the future, we are considering offering services and support in English through our bilingal staff so that their foreign staff can also interact and communicated with us, which would help them save some additional work.