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Designing aprons that are lighter and more familiar to the interior of the store.

 “Booza” who are selling vegetables and boiled dumplings out of the ingredients from Miyazaki prefecture and who had requested us to produce aprons and triangle head wearing before, has now order us to produce original aprons targeting for upcoming events.

This time as well like the last time, they have limited delivery period, which was within 2 months to joining event. Therefore, we have embarked on the first step of hearing process right away by asking thier staff and the store manager about the design and functionality required for the new apron, and here are the requests we have received. 

① Desire to make it matched and associated with the interior decoration of the restaurant based on white color so that powder dirt does not stand out. 

② To have polyester integrated in the fabric to make it difficult to wrinkle. 
③ To attach pockets that are hard to get caught. 
Fulfilling these requests, the newly proposed apron was designed based on traditional Japanese concept and realized less tiring to wear. 
By deepening the neck and make it no sleeve, we pursued a sense of lightness to the limit. 
The pockets are arranged obliquely to make it easier to put your hands in, which also became the key point of this new simple apron design. 
In addition, we selected a poplin that has as twice dense in its vertical strings as that in horizontal strings, which contributed to the different atmosphere in the fabric than the previous one as well as improved the durability.
Because poplin is durable while it has soft feature, it is a perfect material not only for shirts but also for aprons.
They have kindly sent us a photograph of joy wearing the newly produced aprons which looks good under the spring sun.

Apron, triangular bandage

Shop Info: Booza 
Restaurant located in the Miyazaki City. Their popular dishes are handmade dumplings and dishes using fresh vegetables and locally-made ingredients.