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Not only for production, we also support in site maintenance, update, and operation outsourcing services. We are an excellent at helping companies reduce costs and create highly effective sites that yield results.

Four strengths to support success of our team of technical strength, elevated sense, and creativity.

Global Creative Production

We create multilingual sites, pamphlets, and other material that reach not only a domestic audience but also an international one.
We even support for translation, writing, and design.

Low-cost Site Update / Operation

Regular・Irregular Site Updates Maintenance as well as EC Site Operation, we help support our customers who want to outsource and reduce internal costs.

Reliability brought to you by a professional team.

Each business entity is incorporated and operated at a high level through our know-how and expertise network specialized in each field. By gathering and linking its know-how and providing services on a one-stop basis, it enables us to provide optimal solutions in various aspects such as quality and cost.

Bilingual Service in English and Japanese

We are proactively supporting the new business launches of global companies in Japan. All our services are provided in both Japanese and English through our Japanese-English bilingual coordinator.



Multilingual Site Translation

Multilingual Site Production / Cross-border EC sites / Translation Interpretation / Global SEO / SEM(Advertisement Listing) / Global WEB Marketing


Homepage Creation

PC・Mobile Site Creation / EC Sites / CMS Implementation / Renewal


System Developement

Reservations・Membership / Web System for Business Use/ App Development


Site Update・Maintenance

Site Update・Operation / Site Analysis・Improvement / Domain・Server Management


E-mail Newsletter Operation

E-mail Newsletter Planning・Production・Operation / Responsible E-mail / Follow-up Mail /E-mail Newsletter Analysis / Distribution


Graphic Design

Logos / Characters /Catalogs /Company Information /Flyers / Signage / Package Design / Promotional Material /Photo Shoot・Video Production

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