Website Creation

We provide a high quality, cost-effective, domestic and international websites both compatible for any computer and smartphone. Let us by the one-stop shop for web production as we do not only production and site renewal, but also post-creation updates, data analysis, and site improvement proposals. We also can help you reach foreign audiences with a miltilingual site through our translation, writing, and design services.

Website Design

Customer’s various requests on design and layout, etc. are reflected on our classic order plan that is based on an original design. In addition, consultations on renewal and production using templates are also welcome.

CMS Installation

If customers wish to create a website and make it easily updateable, we will build a site using CMS program such as WordPress.

E-Commerce Site

We customize and build an online shopping platform that comes with a shopping cart by using open sources such as EC Cube.

Photo Shoots

We offer a photo shooting services for various things including products, interior and exterior shots of stores, and models, etc. In addition, we provide arrangement services of models and stylists.

SEO/SEM Solutions

The installation of a basic SEO solution is included in the service of website design. If requested, we will provide advanced internal and external SEO/SEM solutions such as listing advertisements.

Web Writing

Upon your request, we provide web writing services through our contracted writers after having carried out consultations.

Website Creation/Launch Timeline


In-Depth Consultation

3 to 2 months prior to launch, we will discuss website design with you. Deeply understanding your concept, we will create an optimized website for you.


Start of Production / Data Preparation

After the consultation, we will begin with production. We will gather all the necessary data (scripts, images etc.) ※We will also do preparation on our side. We will work close to a set schedule to minimize delays in production and delivery.


Initial Design / Editing

We will start with an initial design and work closely with you until the very end to ensure all of your needs are met.



We will create the website using HTML so that it is optimized and viewable on the internet. We will confirm with you upon near completion of the site. ※There will be additional charges for major changes after the coding has already begun.

About 3 months


Launch / Delivery of Goods

We will handover the site directly to you after the site is uploaded to the server and has gone live. If you require the original data files (PSD files etc.), please let us know.

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