Site Renewal & Mangement

As one of our strenghts in site management, we have dedicated staff that do regular and or irregular updates to your site such as updating any text or graphic changes. We develop a flexible operation system to address the various needs of our clients. Not only do we have a reputation for being cost-effective and fast, but we are also known for creating highly effectife sites. Please leave the server administration work and hosting to us. (We have already in touch with telecommunication carriers.)

Proxy Service for Updating and Operating.

Through our proxy service that is available at reasonable price, customers can save time and labor. Our full-time staff will update all of the homepage banner preparation, text correction, image replacement, SNS operation, etc. on behalf of the customers.


Maintaining servers and acquiring original domain and email accounts, etc. are also available. In addition, our staff handle troubleshooting.


We occasionally analyze the website and conduct strategic and operational consulting. We support by improving your website by properly conducting PDCA.

Merits of Outsourcing Updating Tasks

Improving Efficiency by Saving Labor Cost and Time.

Case: Hiring Personnel

  • ¥1,500/hour for each staff for updating tasks
  • ¥300,000/month for each designer
  • ¥400,000/month for each programmer

【Case: Using Our Proxy Service】
Exclusive Package for Updating Website
From ¥50,000/month







90% Savings on Labor Costs

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