Multilingual Website Creation

Taking into consideration the target language, our highly experienced bilingual staff will help create and operate a miltilingual site with strong focus on translations, native checks, and overseas web marketing.

Not only time and cost reduction from translation to production, but also global SEO using specially selected keywords, high usability and design from a foreign perspective, inbound marketing for visitors to Japan, advertisement listing, translation and operation, effective DTP and promotional materials. We offer creative services that fully utilize our global experience.

Site Operation / Update

Page Edits・Processing・Uploading
HTML Editing
Image Processing
CMS Data Updates・Editing Work
Manual Creation
Multiple Checks on Updated Content

E-mail Newsletter Distribution・Operation

Advertisement Review
Lottery Business
Data Aggregation
Data Extraction


Site Improvement Proposals

Access Log Analysis / Report Creation
Web Site Improvement Proposal
Site Improvement PDCA Implementation・Verification


Content Creation

Web Content Creation(Planning、Design、Coding、Form, Banner Creation etc.)
Video Production(Planning、Shooting、Editing、Encoding)
Print Production(Design、Printing)

Localization Support


In addition to web operation service support, we will also provide flexible support for all other types of web operation-related tasks.


Here are some of the requests that we have gotten from our customers.

「We’re a foreign company, but we have very few staff who speak English so we need support. We have a multi-lingual site, but we need someone who can update and operate it.」
We propose remotely updating and managing the website by our company director.

「Not just updating, but we also want help with aggregation, e-mail newsletter distribution and other support…」
We propose putting together a Web Update Team and have them handle the different tasks such as operation, e-mail newsletter management, and aggregation etc.

「We want to improve our website、but we have no employees who understand the Web.」
Our staff is very knowledgeable in web analysis and are certified. They are heere to help with web analysis and offer site improvement proposals.

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