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Hairsalon idoya|Original Designed Apron Using Ready-Made Product


There is a barber named “idoya” near Mikawajima Station in Tokyo, and the barber is also integrated with the beauty salon.
When you enter the barber, you will see 3 female staff together with a lovely dog in the shop welcome you. This time, we made a staff apron for this barber shop. Initially it was a consultation on making it completely original by designing from scratch, but it was turned out quite over their budget. So, we proposed original uniforms customized from ready-made products.

Among customers’ favorite materials and colors of the ready-made aprons, the customer selected two colors, one in green and the other in navy, both of which are made by synthetic leather. Then, we designed our original graphic for the aprons of the both colors, and we decided to add special prints.

The graphic finally selected is a logo imaging old style barber shop with a classical atmosphere. The logo also included the word of “1969” in a trendy font, which is taken on from the era of the current owner’s mother.

Just as the case of this barber shop, it is the feature of WANSIE UNIFORM that can offer the design on top of ready-made items and also propose a custom uniform maximizing our styling skills.

It is such a hideout salon in the Nippori area in Tokyo. The shop would make you feel like you came back to a sweet home, and it is an unpretentious and attentive barber. Three female staffs propose you some hair styles utilizing your original hair quality.