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TAILOR|Showing High Sense through Uniform


The interior design of TAILOR

The interior design of TAILOR is made up of wall paintings made by an artist. The inside of the shop is even decorated with smaller pieces selected by the owner, which fully represents the owner’s sense of creating a warm atmosphere.
Initially, we helped them with finding the property of the store for their opening. During this time, they requested a new uniform for them.



Of their requests, there were 3 main elements.
1.Uniform that would make the salon stand out.
2.Uniform that offers functionality and ease for stylist to move around the store.
3.Uniform that considers contamination caused by chemical products.

In order to meet these requests, the style was decided by combining the idea of our design and the owner’s taste over multiple proposals. While the style is based on the typical medical uniform, we created an original long jacket finished with the modern pattern, stitch, and texture.

In order to save on budget, we decided to use one of our semi-order designs of our overall brand and finished it with the embroidery of the store logo as well as a navy color that would prevent dirt from standing out.


Using Gore-Tex and Harris Tweed

The long jacket covers down to the waist and offers secured durability and ease of movement by adopting a thin and light Gore-Tex fabric. By using black Harris tweed fabric of for its collar, it emphasizes one characteristic point. We also adopted a three-quarter-length sleeve to make it easier to handle various equipment. There are pockets on both the right and left chest as well as the stomach.

As a result, we were successfully able to create a long jacket uniform that was well-received by many of TAILOR customers. This was achieved with high practicality and design. We have received kind words of thanks from them.

Long Jacket Overalls

Hair salon located in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Opened in 2014. Located a few minutes from Shinjuku Station. 
Taking care of customers from all generations.