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Taiwan・Korea|WANSIE chosen by shops and cafes oversea


Original work brand “WANSIE” is selected by the “Look Luke” cafe located in Taipei City, Taiwan. They chose one of our off-the-shelf overalls as their uniform at the cafe. 
In addition, the well-known interior store in Busan, Korea named “220VOLT” is now considering hiring WANSIE jumpsuits for their uniforms.  

Overalls and jumpsuits are both regular items of our work wear brand and its bicolor design is distinctive.
Our overalls and jumpsuits are using rugged polyester mixed fabrics, which are hard to wrinkle and they are getting quite popular items as uniforms for both domestic and oversea shops and restaurants.


Since you can also put logo on such off-the-shelf goods or even change the fabric to give a original feeling into uniforms, we can offer semi order uniforms using our off-the-shelf ones for such customers who would like to save costs or does not have enough production period. they use uniforms.

In addition, since WANSIE UNIFORM enrolls global staff who are fluent in both Japanese and English, we can pay a special care to customers from overseas or take an order of designing and manufacturing. facebook: www.facebook.com/lookluke2014
facebook: www.facebook.com/lookluke2014