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AMAMU|Hotel Uniforms to Reset the Mind and Body


A Special Healing Space

“AMAMU” is a new type of resort hotel operated by Venture Bank, Inc., famous for their hot yoga studio. They offer different healing programs based on the theme of beauty and health that can refresh your mind and body. In order to provide best-suited uniform design for their staff, designer and pattern maker visited the site and the facilities of the hotel located in a very natural setting. The hotel is in the middle of very peaceful environment, and you can feel that it is a new resort facility so unprecedented you can find healing from watching horses running around and feeling the fresh air of the waterside. After the site visit, the design image became very clear.

Fusion of Natural Taste and Modern

First of all, we used the combination of jacket and pants to create the atmosphere of a hotel resort, and the lower layer of the jacket adopted a boat neck T shirt based on the border rather than a shirt used in common hotels. For color, we express natural taste using natural color in the body combined with brown borders. In addition, the pants produced a relaxed healing image by making wider width toward the hem. For the color of the pants, based on the color we saw at the site, and we chose the natural color that we used with the tops. Also, by incorporating the same natural taste, consideration is also given to mobility by making the hem of the pants wide, and it enables employees to deal with work forcing them to move around.
Currently we are developing materials and design uniforms that increase the durability of pants and polo shirts for employees who need to wash them more often than usual due to sweating as well as the frequent contacts with animals and nature.


Shirt, Pants, Jacket, Apron, *Design may be changed at the production stage.