What is part about choosing WANSIE when making your own uniform?

During the proposal stage of making uniforms, WANSIE offers their expertise in the industry during the consultation. After the uniforms have been made, their excellent service continues with their helpful after-sales support as well as additional requests.

What’s the key selling point?

It’s the design. Our company operates in construction industry, but when it comes to construction workers, there is a negative impression among people. Known as the “3K” in Japanese, dirty (Kitanai), tough (Kitsui), and dangerous (Kiken). Because of this, we wanted to change such image of the “3K” industry.

Why do we need uniforms?

Uniforms not only helps to increase the motivation of the staff, but also uniforms help the brand image of the company.


We chose WANSIE because of their lightning fast response and for us, a company with no knowledge about the apparel production, their staff guided us throughout every step of the way. We were also extremely satisfied with the finished comfort and quality of the product. We will definitely be ordering from them again.