Typical Order and Production Flow


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2.Client Meeting

On top of consulting with you about the concept and theme of the shop and company, we will gather as many details as possible to finish the design as close to your image as possible. If there is an ideal sample, please do not hesitate to show it to us. Also, if our location is not convenient for you, we can carry out consultations through a video conferences.

3.Design Proposal

Based on the details learned from our consultation with you, we will provide you with an estimate.Upon your acceptance of our estimate, the drawings of our design and sample of fabric will be put together for you.Then, we will decide the pattern(s) and image(s) while adjusting the design and color.

4.Sample Production

Once you are satisfied with the design and fabric, we will a pattern and go forward with sample production. You will try on the sample, allowing you to check and adjust anything in terms of sizing and fit and anything else you require.*In the case of a cancellation after a sample has been made, the Client shall be responsible for the sample and pattern costs.

5.Final Estimate

If you’re satisfied with the final sample, we will finalize the order quantity and provide a detailed estimate.*The retainer fee for the production cost is 50%.


Depending on the situation, we will coordinate with our local and overseas factory partners.[Domestic Production]For small number of units, most production is done locally.Compared to overseas production, costs may be higher.[Overseas Production]Good for lower costs and larger number of units.We will decide based on your delivery schedule and your requirements.


After inspection, we will deliver the products as on schedule as possible. From your first consultation until delivery, you can expect one to three months from start to finish. In case of a rush order, we will try our best to fulfill delivery as quickly as possible.

8.After-Sales Service

We provide after-sales support for additional orders, requests such as color changes, and repairs on areas that have been ripped or frayed.In the case of defective products after delivery, we offer a three-month guarantee for free repairs, exchanges, or refunds.