1 Building Community

For companies, one of the most important mission is to ensure that employee satisfaction is at its highest. We would like to be a part of that mission. We want to help increase motivation of your employees as well raise pride and passion for the company through uniforms.

2 Branding

To us, a uniform is not just something you wear. For shops and companies, it’s an important tool for companies when showcasing their image to the world. Also, a sophisticated and well-designed uniform helps to set you apart from your competitor, with hiring, and with PR and publicity-related branding.

3 Cost Effective

By working together with our overseas factory partners (in China and Vietnam), we have a production line that flexibly responds to our client’s lower budget and smaller lot requirements. With our unique ideas, we are able to provide uniforms that can meet their requests and needs to our clients.

4 Regional Industrial Revitalization

WANSIE UNIFORM intends to actively engaging in the revitalization of the community and industry. Under the idea of "Changing Society Through Design", we leveraging the power of design to help achieve this revitalization.We will support our customers looking to solve various issues through the power of design and seek to reinvigorate the community such as by bringing inbound customers from overseas or solving social issues, such as unemployment caused by negative image of the industry.

5 Promoting Ethical Fashion

WANSIE UNIFORM hopes to conduct business activities not only through the production of environment-friendly uniforms, but also through various perspectives such as supporting creating a better work environment, improving the impoverished areas, and developing local industries, etc.In addition, we will be actively engaged in charity to provide support for developing countries and reconstructing areas suffer from natural disasters.