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- Create Your Own Uniform ? -

We design and produce UNIFORM focusing on "work clothes" for office and shop use as well as other businesses, fully using our experiences through our Brand “WANSIE”. Our services even include the order of small lot and various sizes while ensuring that our clients’ requests and preferences on design and style are met. Along with our unique ideas, we bring out an even more attractive appeal from the work style.
It is also our goal to make work clothes that increase the sense of unity among staff wearing the same thing in the workplace.


(1)Building Community(2)Branding(3)Cost Effective(4)Regional Industrial Revitalization(5)Promoting Ethical Fashion



We design uniforms to fit any work environment and style.

Cafes / Restaurants / Bars / Hotels / Supermarkets / Shops / Specialty Shops / Leisure Spots

Hospitals / Clinics / Dental Clinics / Pharmacies / Nursing Homes / Nursing Care Services

Gardening / Do-It-Yourself / Manufacturing Plants / Factories / Construction Sites / Electric Plants / Transportation / Delivery / Security / Taxi / Housekeeping / Building Maintenance

Offices / Front Desks / Information Centers / Schools / Showrooms / Sales Floors

Hair Salons / Massage Parlors and Spas

Circle &Team Uniforms / Sportswear / Corporate Events & Logo Design / Graphic Tees / Bags / Promotional Items


Here are some of the projects we’ve accomplished.




We have 3 Production Packages for uniforms.Listed prices are for reference. Depending on the material and lots, pricing may vary. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly for more information about pricing.

Order-Made Package

300 unitsJacket Production Sampl
  • Inclusive of design, pattern, fabric, additional materials, inspection and delivery cost.
  • This package is for customers who want to full control of all the designs and fabric selections custom-made to their liking. Our staff, who come experienced from major apparel brands will make suggestions according to the image of the store and the company. We will produce original uniforms that will enhance corporate brand image and increase staff motivation.

Semi Order-Made Package

100 unitsApron Production Sample
  • Inclusive of fabric, additional materials, inspection and delivery cost.
  • This package is uniform production by re-arranging existing templates, such as changing the texture or adding unique logo, creating a sense of originality. As there is no need to design and develop a pattern from scratch, clients can save on their budget and delivery timeline.

OEM Package

500 unitsPajama Production Sample
  • Inclusive of fabric, additional materials, inspection, and delivery cost.
  • For this package, we ask our customers to prepare their own designs and patterns. We will responsible for the production. Based on the customer’s budgets, they can choose to manufacture domestically or internationally as well as opt for smaller or bigger lots. We offer a variety of fabrics such as cotton used for dress shirts and jersey cloth.



What is part about choosing WANSIE when making your own uniform?

During the proposal stage of making uniforms, WANSIE offers their expertise in the industry during the consultation. After the uniforms have been made, their excellent service continues with their helpful after-sales support as well as additional requests.

What’s the key selling point?

It’s the design. Our company operates in construction industry, but when it comes to construction workers, there is a negative impression among people. Known as the “3K” in Japanese, dirty (Kitanai), tough (Kitsui), and dangerous (Kiken). Because of this, we wanted to change such image of the “3K” industry.



Is it possible to add embroidery or prints to the uniform?

Yes, of course. You can do something as cost-effective as choosing colors and characters, or if you have your own logo or would like to make your own logo, you can have that printed or embroidered onto the uniform.

It’s my first time having uniforms made. Do I need knowledge about clothing?

Our highly experienced sales staff and designers will work closely with the customer and hear their needs to offer their advice on fabrics and design. If you have no understanding about clothing, allow us to guide you every step of the way.