The security company “KKS Co., Ltd.” based in Yokohama sent us an inquiry asking us to
make an original uniform for their office staff. Their goal for the uniform was to make it
original and unique instead of in ready-made products although their ordering lot was small.
After meeting with the president and some of their staff and hearing the details of their
requests for the new uniform, finally we came to propose and produce the following

Sticking to their corporate philosophy, “placing high value on creating trust among people”,
we decided to create a classic style using drizzler jacket, which is a typical men’s fashion
For their on-site security guards, we finished the details of the uniforms with embroidery,
printing, lining pattern etc., and created a sense of history.
By making the embroidery and print color opposite to the body color, we kept it simple
regardless of the wearer’s age while still giving contrast.

As its characteristic shape, we changed the pattern of the front and back and made it edgy
and sporty while keeping it classic.
Lastly, the company’s corporate philosophy was translated into English and attached
casually on the bag print. This way, employees can be on duty together with their
philosophy as a reminder.


Upon receiving approval on our proposed design and concept, we selected the fabric and
then started making an initial sample.
In addition to the corporate logo, we plan to make a patch with an illustration of the
company mascot, a gorilla, and the corporate emblem, and attach it to the uniform so that it
can convey more of a corporate identity.
WANSIE UNIFORM first attempts to fully understand a company's color and features so
that we can support our clients with not only through designing but also through branding.


Item(s) Provided: Jacket