Eliminating stiff neck through fabric selection and design.

The apron they had been using at the store was not durable for long hours caused terrible neck and shoulder stiffness. So, they asked us if we could design an apron that prevented such stiffness. Originally, the owner used to work for an apparel brand, so she was quite insistent on high design. First, among many fabrics, we selected a soft and shiny linen fabric striped in a light white collar that would match with the warm atmosphere of shops. The cord of the neck was cut thicker than normal so as to reduce the burden on the shoulder.


On the tuck of the chest reminiscent of gyoza, the specialty of this restaurant. We attached an embroidery of the store logo, which creates a sense of originality. In addition, we made a triangle bandage for free using left-over fabric, which contributes to the emphasized presence as a uniform. As the owner was extremely pleased, she made an additional order of aprons for all of their staff.


Making the Event

Normally, we offer clients a design proposal, and then produce a sample based on the consultation in the first process. From the secondary process to the final delivery, it takes about one to three months. However, for the case of our customer BOOZA, they requested that we finish putting together the final product in a month so they could introduce it at the coming exhibition event, “TRAILER” at Kagurazaka in Tokyo. We successfully shortened the delivery period. We always do our utmost best to respect client requests and try to meet them as best as we can.
Certainly with cooperation from the shop side as well, even if the delivery schedule and budget are both tight, we try to make the arrangements that to satisfy client as much as possible, such as by using available factories, etc.


Apron, triangular bandage

Shop Info: Booza 
Restaurant located in the Miyazaki City. Their popular dishes are handmade dumplings and dishes using fresh vegetables and locally-made ingredients.